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PC 315 - A Winning Mindset with Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie, a UFC Hall of Famer and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, is considered to be one of the most influential figures and greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts. Gracie has recently found a passion for archery, and after spending time at the School of Nock learning proper archery form and techniques with John Dudley, he and Dudley sat down to discuss archery, jujitsu, and how to develop and maintain a winning mindset.

PC 314 - With Archery Industry Veteran, Jen Kresser-Campbell

Jen Kresser-Champbell is an archery industry veteran and leading lady for decades. Jen has worked her way from college intern to President of Delta/McKenzie Targets and is now a key executive for Outtech Inc. In this podcast, John Dudley and Jen sit down and talk through her amazing journey through the ranks and the trials and tribulations along the way that have helped shape her into the tremendous leader that she is.

PC 313 - We Bee Nockin’ with Chris Bee

Nock On Archery Podcast 313 is with Chris Bee and John Dudley, two of the most passionate archers and bowhunters you will ever meet. Both of these guys are on tireless missions to bring archery and bowhunting to the masses. This podcast is loaded with great stories and insights from Bee and Dudley, diving into topics of where they've been, and where they are going, to help bring archery and bowhunting to the world!

PC 312 - Friday the 13th with Shawn Mowser

Podcast 312 is with Nock On Nation member Shawn Mowder. Shawn is the lucky winner of the BRCC Gives drawing for a one-of-a-kind, Nock On Custom Built PSE bow named "Java Addiction". As part of this special prize package, Mowder got to spend a couple of days at the School of Nock with John Dudley. In this podcast, Mowder talks about his journey as an archer and bowhunter, including his fight through target panic and what he has learned to help him stay on the path to making perfect shots. It's a podcast full of great insights and relatable stories from a hard-working, archery loving, bow shooting member of the Nock On Nation!

PC 311 - Grass Roots Gemini with Andrew Ehard

Andrew Ehard is a diehard, passionate midwestern bowhunter and member of the Nock On Nation, but there's also another side to him. I say he leads a double life since at one moment of the day he can be in the courtroom as a highly respected attorney then two hours later in the woods chasing critters and flinging arrows. He's served in the military and returned home making his way through law school all while working up through the ranks of being a better bowhunter. He's one of those guys when you meet him at a TAC event or in a hunting camp you would never guess what he does on his day to day at the office.

PC 310 - Lead, Learn and Laugh with Leif Babin

Leif Babin is an amazing individual. He's is a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, co-author of #1 New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he serves as President/Chief Operating Officer, leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Leif served thirteen years in the Navy, including nine in the SEAL Teams. As a SEAL platoon commander in SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser, he planned and led major combat operations in the Battle of Ramadi that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the US Army’s 1st Armored Division achieve victory. Task Unit Bruiser became the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War. After some private coaching we sit down and talk more about what bowhunting and archery means to him.

PC 309 - Passing the Torch with Isaac Aleman Jr.

Podcast 309 is with Isaac Aleman Jr. (aka JUNIOR) who is a passionate up and coming bowhunting and archery fanatic. He's been on the Wasatch front hunting since he can remember and is leading an awesome life of a young adult. Played football, hustled pawn shops, worked in archery in Scheels and now is the lead bow tech at the Black Rifle HQ just to name a few. He recently came to town to learn some things that I think will propel him into a promising career in bowhunting and I got to learn even more about this cool cat.

PC 308 - The Archery O.G. Isaac Aleman Sr.

Issac Aleman is a longtime archery OG and is always uplifting to talk to. He’s worked for some great companies in archery including Easton, Badlands and Black Rifle Coffee. He’s an underrated western hunter with a never ending passion for growing archery and having fun on the mountain. Recently I had Issac out to Iowa to do some archery workshops and catch up on friendship.

PC 307 - An Archery Arm Bar with Leah Taylor.

PC 307 is with Leah Taylor who is currently a full time fitness and jiu jitsu coach at Straight Blast Gym of Montana. Leah has a lifelong background in martial arts but also has a degree in education and teaching. She is a high level black belt with multiple titles around her belt. Recently she picked up a bow for the first time and began down the archery path. In this podcast we talk about both learning and teaching a sport. Not only will this podcast give you some valuable life lessons it will also make you a better student in any sport. Some of her titles include IBJJF Masters Worlds 2017 Black Belt Gold- IBJJF Worlds 2017 Black Belt Bronze- IBJJF Pan Ams 2017 Black Belt Silver- IBJJF Atlanta Open 2016 Black Belt Gold Gold Absolute
IBJJF Worlds 2014 Purple Belt Silver
IBJJF Worlds 2012 Blue Belt Gold
IBJJF Worlds 2011 Blue Belt Bronze

PC 306 - Studio Shenanigans with Andy Stumpf

Podcast 306 is with my longtime buddy Andy Stumpf. Andy is a man of many talents and host of The Cleared Hot podcast. Our podcast is the first recorded in the new Nock On studio and also is available on video via YouTube. Andy and I recap an amazing time teaching some new friends how to shoot bows and what archery has done for him. We also recap the year of COVID and finally get to reconnect.

PC 305 - Stay Golden Ponyboy

This podcast is with a random Nock On Nation member Aaron Brendible. Aaron was the winner of the Golden Trident Raffle bow we did for the Navy Seal Foundation. He is such a genuine guy who has some amazing story’s about getting into archery and bowhunting. He’s a hard working dad from Michigan and a true testament to the everyday hunter. I was thrilled to have a few days with him.

PC 304 - Cameraman Chaos with Caleb Copeland

Podcast 304 is with Caleb Copeland founder of Copeland Creative,Connoisseur of Mustard, Master of Naps and Sommelier of Sweet Teas . Caleb is an amazing photographer and videographer who recently took his own trip around the US chasing turkeys, Bowfishing and introducing his dad to the West. We talked a lot about what a Georgia boy loves about the western states, learning public land hunting for the first time, how to get lost on a mountain and how a packet of tuna fish is good for attracting Grizzly’s into the camp shelter.

PC 303 - HE’s ALL IN!

This podcast is with my buddy Tony He whom has gone from 0-100 in bowhunting in just a few years. I’ve never met anyone who has had such luck but also an instant passion to mash the gas pedal for archery and bowhunting. I’ve been with Tony on his first hunts for bear, mule deer, elk and now turkey! He’s such a fun resource of a beginners perspective but also living proof of what someone can do if they put their mind to it. Tony tackles so many new things on his own and constantly challenges himself whether it’s an Ironman, Rebuilding a House or heading on a hunting trip while googling how to do it when he’s there. 

PC 302 - Building the BASE with John McEvoy

Podcast 302 is with a super awesome dude John McEvoy. Johnny is a crazy Irishman that is best known for his life in BASE jumping. He’s owner of BASEGEAR and an instructor at SnakeRiverBase in Idaho. He is brand new to archery and I recently had him out for some days of archery instruction. He’s been on a quest for rad things to do to enhance enlightenment and zen. He’s a reserved dude that has continual layers of interest and amazing stories. 

PC 301 - TAC Savages with Bert Sorin, Andrew Arrabito & Terry Houin

Podcast 301 is with a bunch of savages. We gather together following several days on the range at the Total Archery Challenge in TX. My guest include Bert Sorin from Sorinex who is an elite level fitness guru and avid outdoorsman. Andrew Arrabito who is a well known retired Navy SEAL, founder of Half Face Blades and former pro street skater. Terry Houin is a badass Navy SEAL, legit outdoorsman and Corporate Team Leader. We discuss tons of topics but also stress the value of Archery for the military, first responders and veteran communities.

PC 300 - The 300 Ridiculousness with Joe Rogan

For the 300th podcast I had to sit down and talk archery and a bunch of other ridiculous subjects with Joe Rogan.

PC 299 - Changing the Archery Game with Eric Gilmore

PC 299 is with a lead designer Eric Gilmore from Sitka Gear. He and I recap a new archery lifestyle pant we have worked on for a few years that is coming to the market today. Eric is a master at textiles and we talk about the concept to creation for this awesome new pant that eliminates a quiver belt. We also talk about his personal experience with a tension based release. 

PC298 - Dropping Bombs with Jeff Janis

Podcast 298 is with Jeff Janis a former NFL receiver best known for his Hail Mary catch with the Green Bay Packers. Jeff is an avid Bowhunter and naturally gifted in archery. We recently spent a few days building bows, refining his technique and getting dialed in for triple digit shots. Jeff has an awesome story working his way up from a small town to the big time NFL through relentless work and dedication. We were able to sit down for a quick podcast prior to him catching his flight home.

PC 297 - Talking Turkeys and Advanced Archery with Mike Slinkard

One of my top trusted archery friends is Mike Slinkard who is an industry veteran and great Bowhunter. For this podcast we have our annual turkey season strategy and also get into some deep archery and bear hunting topics. 

PC 296 - Boots on the Ground with Jay Scholes

Jay Scholes, Founder of the Outtech Sales Organization. He has spent over 43 years working direct with manufacturers, selling archery equipment and helping to grow archery and bowhunting across the globe. Jay is one of the few in the archery industry that has the broad wealth of archery experience, or who has witnessed more change across all archery categories. He has had decades of boots on the ground both at shoots, in shops and at the factories. In this podcast, we take a trip down memory lane talking products, people and places. It was a real honor to podcast with Jay and I am excited to be connected with him again.

PC 295 - The Archery Grind with Logan Stark and Charlie Martel

This podcast is with two awesome friends from Black Rifle Coffee Co., Logan Stark and Special Forces SGT Major Charlie “Tyr” Martel. We sit down after a ridiculously fun few days at the School of Nock and battling the frozen tundra of Iowa. These two guys picked up archery in the past year and are diving deeper and deeper by the day. We recap an amazing experience of building bows, learning proper shooting techniques while rolling some smoke on the Traeger Grill. Logan is the Editor in Chief for many of Black Rifles famous content videos. Tyr heads up charitable givebacks for BRCC and is an amazing guy and possibly related to an onion in that the more layers you peel off the better it gets. He is a library of awesome stories and we get him to share a few good ones. Both of these gentlemen have an amazing past in foreign lands and have found tremendous joy in archery and how it's the perfect Zen from the days on the battlefield. They voice their opinions on how archery and bowhunting is so therapeutic for Veterans.

PC 294 - Thunder Down Under with Johnny Utah

In this podcast I sit down with the founder of Bourbon Barrel Custom Calls, John Mulligan aka Johnny Utah. We get into the spirit of Turkey season talking about his passion to bring a seriously rad new concept to the Turkey market. I have had a longtime passion for chasing turkeys in the Spring and also have always enjoyed others who share that passion. Johnny Utah is a cool cat with some fun stories from the industry.

PC 293 - Flying High with Pete Shepley

In a recent R&D trip to Arizona, I sat down with Archery Legend and PSE founder Pete Shepley. Pete is flying high after a stellar 50th year as a company. However, he has so many more interesting adventures to talk about in addition to archery. In this podcast I get Pete to open up about his friendships with some of the prestigous Russian aviators and astronauts and also his years flying competition stunt plains. As always there’s plenty of stories about archery along the way and we get into discussion about what makes shooting archery so fun and the creation of target archery.

PC 292 - Shooting The TAC with Sean DeGrey

Podcast 292 is with Sean DeGrey of the Total Archery Challenge. As we head into the 2021 season we discuss this years events as well as some exciting new additions we have made to make these experiences even better! 

PC 291 - Large and In Charge with SG

Podcast 291 is with an awesome buddy of mine codename SG-which i think stands for shredded guns (i made that up). He is fairly new to archery but a Veteran on the battle field and recently retired from the Teams searching for the similarities in his former military career and bowhunting. He recently flew out to HQ and got set up with a new bow and a few days of lessons. For this podcast we wanted to do a follow up about how he is doing after a few weeks of applying the new training back home. We start out with some friendly heckling but then go into deeper details about the parallels of archery, firearms, bowhunting prep and spec ops training protocols. We talk though technique and get his takeaways from our time training together. We cover topics specific to efficiency in archery, grip pressures, getting faster by slowing down, perishable skill sets, goal setting and more. 

PC 290 - Shredding the Silverback with Josh Hall & Torquila Torie

Podcast 290 is with Pro Board Shaper Josh Hall and his wife Torie. These two are a west coast couple specializing in surfing the waves and super clean eating. Josh started archery a few years ago and I met him at the Nock On Experience TAC event. He then became a Bowhunter, shot a great bull that fall and keeps pushing. Torie is an author of The Mexican Keto Cookbook, which is awesome and also specializes as a nutritionist. She has recently dove deeper into archery and bowhunting as this couple continues to know where their food comes from. They both came to the School Of Nock for a weekend of lessons, instructions and good eating. 

PC 289 - Nock N Roll with Mark Schenker

Podcast 289 is with Rock N Roller Mark Schenker from the band KIX. Mark decided to embark on an archery journey and came to the Nock On HQ to learn how to shoot a bow. Mark has a amazing background in music/ song writing but is also a professional photographer, seasoned Jiu Jitsu blue belt, master diver and has a growing passion for field to plate. We talk about what he’s learned so far with archery in the first day of training but mainly go down memory lane of life in the 80s with Rock N Roll, Metal and everything in between. This was such an exciting few days for me because the 80s bands were such a huge influence in my life. 

PC 288 - Behind The Lens- Caleb Copeland

PC 288 is with my good friend Caleb Copeland. We sat down and talk about our perspectives on outdoor content creation, the various platforms for content as well as how things in the outdoor content game have changed over time. We talk about where things started in filming hunts and some of how we got to where we are today. Most importantly we put a challenge out there to you content creators who want to get into this content business full time! Nock On HQ needs someone in Iowa for content creation as we continue to raise the bar. I have assigned Copeland Creative to find the perfect fit! This is going to be a full time position with pay based on experience. Applicants need to know their way around a video and photo camera as well as how to edit and use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of programs. We get more specific in the podcast about pro and cons for this roll. If you listen to the podcast and feel like you are the one for the job then send your resume and examples of work to ! We are going to go through submissions and when we feel like we have some solid candidates then We will assign some digital task for you to prove you’re the right fit!

PC 287 - The ABC’s with Andy Stumpf

PC 287 Archery, Bourbon, Comedy - The ABC's with Andy Stumpf. Andy is one of my close friends that has an awesome background as a Navy SEAL, Base Jumper, Sommelier, Cleared Hot Podcast Host and Bowhunter. After a surprise visit to Montana to see my buddy we jumped in the Cleared Hot Podcast studio, poured some drinks, opened up the nock on Q&A dance and started catching up on the times. Andy has an amazing career and if I typed it all out there would only be more spelling areas so I’ll let you google him.

PC 286 - Shooting Shenanigans with Aron Snyder

Podcast 286 is with Aron Snyder. There’s no telling what roads we can go down during our talks but this podcast is a good one for anyone who loves hearing about shooting better in the back country and on the range.

PC 285 - ELK SHAPE with Dan Staton

Podcast 285 is with Dan Staton from Elk Shape. I’ve respected Dan for many years and admire his dedication to bowhunting and fitness. He has a Masters in Exercise Physiology but focuses hard on preparing for the backcountry. We talk about shot process, his background in bowhunting, the importance of fitness and how it affects your success. We also talk about some hunting strategies for whitetail and elk

PC 284 - Barklow & Backstraps

This podcast is with John Barklow an elite level figure in the Bowhunting space. We talk about the process involved with curing trigger anticipation, target panic and buck fever. Both of us struggled with poor habits early in our archery endeavors but have learned how to overcome that frustration. We talk through the mental sides of this, as well as, talk about the tools needed to be the best archer and Bowhunter possible. We talk about the new Back Strap release and the Silverback Plus. John is the Big Game Product Manager for Sitka Gear and has an extensive career in the Navy heading up extreme weather survival to the the military’s most elite teams and is very a well seasoned Bowhunter. 

PC 283 - Deer Data with Matt Moore

Matt is a head Wildlife Biologist at a leading whitetail research ranch since 2009. He’s currently part of an amazing research project collecting some of the most extensive deer data that I’ve ever witnessed. My son Harry was part of a recent capture project involving several wildlife biology students and a massive research project specific to whitetail studies. Matt talks through some amazing topics about whitetail survival rates based on age, the myths of culling theories, mature buck growth and max potential among other fascinating facts based from scientific data and controlled studies.
He has Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Sciences from Auburn University, a Masters of Science in Range and Wildlife Management from Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

PC 282 - The Hat Trick

Podcast 282 completes the Q&A hat trick bringing you the third installment of the series. Topics included- How to start working on your own gear, using a bow press, bow set up training, the mental process of training, how to find the right outfitter to hunt with, how to handle performance anxiety, finding confidence in consistency, what price range bow to start with, shot timing and flow state, how to get started with archery and an update on the Total Archery Challenge.

PC 280 - Nock and Awe Q&A

This podcast continues to blast through a massive Q&A session from the Nock On Nation. We talk about building and maintaining shoulder strength and mobility while battling through shoulder injuries, how to avoiding wasting grinder meat, benefits of a fixed sight vs adjustable ones, finding mature deer in the late season, creating an accurate sight tape for multiple pins, importance of broadhead tuning and not relying on only a bullet hole through paper, arrow choices and ballistics, my “why” to arrow and broadhead selection and how to shoot in the wind.

PC 279 - The Podcast Returns

The nock on podcast returns following the 2020 fall hunting season diving into some Q&A from the Nock On Nation. Topics include the new wrist strap release, how to anchor for comfort at long distances, bow care/maintenance after fowl weather hunts, 4mm arrow opinions, the new PBTS yoke tuning system from PSE, arrows for short draw and low poundage hunting set ups, decision to draw a mediocre unit now or wait longer for the best unit and then a deep dive into my thoughts on public land strategies.

PC 278 - Free Ranging Americans

This podcast is with Badass Jocko Willink, best Selling Author Jack Carr and Black Rifle Coffee Founder Evan Hafer. We sit down for some nocktails and storytelling. For more Free Ranging American Stories check out the Free Range American podcast!

PC 277 - Mind Blowing Adaptive Athletes

This podcast follows an amazing event where adaptive athletes hit the mountain for the first time for archery. These 3 guests are only but a few of the life-changing people that attended. After an amazing event with Black Rifle Coffee, Total Archery Challenge, and Nock On - Caleb Brewer, Matt Beall, and Jonathan Lopez tackled the Nock On Course as a team and tells the story!

PC 276 - Get Lit with Daniel Zintgraff and Sean DeGrey

This podcast is from the base of the mountain in Big Sky. I sit down with Dan and Sean and talk about the new collaboration with Nock On and Zbros to bring you the Worlds best sight light that is simply the best on the market that will take your hunting or target sight to a new level. We then dive into several other archery topics and stories from the archery line.

PC 275 - Conquer the Mountain with JOCKO Willink

PC 275 is with JOCKO Willink. We enjoy a sunrise in Big Sky MT after several days conquering the Mountain for Total Archery Challenge. 

PC 274 - Total Archery Challenge with Aron Snyder

In this podcast Aron Snyder and I sit down for a morning cup of coffee after a fun day on the range in Colorado.

PC 273 - Summertime Scouting & Prep with Chris Dunkin

This podcast is all about summertime prep for your whitetail spots. I’m joined by good buddy Chris Dunkin who is a whitetail expert here in Iowa and also one who I talk strategy with throughout the year.

PC 272 - Shooting the shit with Sturgill and Sorin

This podcast is with Sturgill Simpson and Bert Sorin. We power up the mics in a backwoods South Carolina skinning shack to tell stories from being punks to punching targets.

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PC 271 - The Launch of New Nock On Archery

In this podcast we turn on the switch to the new digital frontier for Nock On Archery. I’m excited to announce this powerful FREE archery platform that we’ve put a life’s work into for the Nock On Nation! In this podcast me and my buddy Adam walk you through this historic web launch!

PC 270 - Total Archery Challenge Reboot with Sean DeGrey

This podcast is with Sean DeGrey of Total Archery Challenge. We talk about what archers need to expect and what the events will be like for 2020. We also talk about the joys of archery and the miracle from Sean’s past!

PC 269- Talking Turkeys with Mike Slinkard

PC 269 is with an industry mogul Mike Slinkard. He is a longtime friend, expert hunter, archer and a creative mind. We talk about hunting turkeys for first timers, how to get permission, how to shoot birds from a lawn chair, becoming a better Bowhunter, being an impala, shoulder surgeries, new archery sight ideas and much more. Enjoy! For more HECS science go to or

PC 268 - Positive Mindset - Jocko Willink

PC 268 is with Jocko Willink. We talk about what a positive mindset can do for you and those around you. We also dive into several stories of family, friends and the great outdoors!

PC 267 - Power To The Nation

This podcast is dedicated to the nock On Nation who is the lifeblood to my passion. I’m joined by longtime Nation Members Brad of All Brads, Ryan Branco and longtime PSE meme we John Liska. We talk about all sorts of things archery on this amazing weekend I’ve dedicated to the Nock On Nation.

PC 266 - Remember The Future with Brian Chontosh

PC 266 is with a true American Major Brian R. Chontosh who is a retired Marine Corps officer who was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. He an ultra elite athlete with a long list of ridiculous accomplishments on extreme feats too long to list. In this podcast we talk about how military vets can change their lives through archery. Tosh is a true friend who I taught archery and hunting to in recent years that have changed my focus on the importance of what archery can do for people lives and struggles.

PC 265 - Vegas Champion Kyle Douglas

Kyle Douglas just won the Worlds largest indoor tournament in Vegas 2020. This young superstar was fresh off the trip home when we got to talk about what it’s like growing up and shooting a bow against the best out there.

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