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PC 185 Archery Red Eye

PC 185 talks about time sensitive things like fall hunting prep, gear, maintenance, travel packing, arrow options, getting the most out of your sight, leveling up in release aid skills and much more.

PC 184 - The Power of YOU

PC 184 is a podcast recapping my archery endeavors lately and my excitement to how awesome you are all doing. I feel grateful for the support of the listeners but also feel thoroughly impressed with the progress of how well i see everyone shooting lately. I then give my feelings to being a better person and achieving what you want in life.

PC 183 - The Nock On Arrow Launch

PC 183 This podcast leads the way to the New Nock On Arrow Series launch. I also explain several videos that are new to the website and give a follow up to the WEEK of Nock in Salt Lake City, including the Nock2Fork School at Traeger and the Easton experience at the Total Archery Challenge

PC 182 - Top Shops with Andy Stumpf

In this podcast I sit down with Andy Stumpf to recap the first annual Nock2Fork/Shooting Experience. We talk in depth about how people can find the dealer that’s best for them and how the same rules apply in other sports.

PC 181 - Getting Creative with Caleb Copeland

PC 181 is with my good buddy Caleb Copeland who just spent several days filming bow reviews and training segments with me. We talk about his experiences filming some of the with best in the hunting industry. We then talk about performing under pressure and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. Of course we wrap things up with plenty of talk about nonsense.

PC 180 - What the FOC with Aron Snyder

PC 180 is a super in depth discussion about a fast growing trend of boosting Front Of Center percentage in your arrows. Aron Snyder is a very knowledgeable archer and super successful bowhunter. He is also host of the popular podcast Kifaru Cast. He and DUDLEY get very detailed about tuning arrows and what common trends really mean to you and your accuracy.

PC 179 - What Release Is Right For Me

PC 179 Goes in depth into the three styles of handheld releases and which is right for you. I go in detail about the function of the Trigger, Tension and Hinge style release and what they bring to the table for an archer. I also talk about hand position, design and what it does to accuracy. Then I wrap up the podcast talking about Valkyrie Arrow components, teaching family members and how I screwed up tying a D loop.

PC 178 - Silverbacks At Sunrise

PC 178 - This podcast covers a plethora of questions relating to: Consciousness to the Sight Bubble, Holding Weight, Properly Serving, Pro Force VS Prevail, Cam Types, Favorite Camo, Low Impacts and how to fix them, Pull vs Push, Bow Kicking, Riser Torque, Askholes, Tree Stand Entrance and Exit Strategies, Shooting on Angles, Arrow Straitness, Spine affect to Accuracy, Silverback Skins, Peep Tie, Rear Elbow Position, Fingers On the Release, Lighted Nocks, Silverbacks at Sunrise which will be this summer hottest drink!

PC 177- Thanks to the Nation with Andy Stumpf and Jack Carr

PC 177 is a follow up to 176. I have some friendly archery banter with good friends Andy Stumpf and Jack Carr. We also expand more on this amazing cause we are heading up where you, the nock on nation, have raised a ridiculous amount of funds for an amazing cause. We give thanks to you!! These guys can be found on instagram at @jackcarrusa & @andystumpf212

PC 176- Calling on the Nation with Jack Carr

PC 176 is a unique podcast with Jack Carr, former Navy SEAL and author of the recently released thriller The Terminal List. This podcast was an opportunity to raise awareness for a rare genetic mutation called Bosch-Boonstra-Schaff, a mutation of the NR2F1 gene, a gene that helps form the brain. Jack’s son was the 13th person in the world diagnosed with this specific genetic mutation which manifests itself as a global developmental disability meaning his son will need a lifetime of 24/7 full-time care. To help with his daily care I am calling on the Nock On Nation and will be auctioning off a custom built Hoyt bow, access to a closed door shooting class at Bob Fromme’s Performance Archery in San Diego on Sunday July 29th along with former Navy SEALs Andy Stumph and Trevor Thompson. Andy is also donating a tandem skydive to accompany a custom knife built for the winner by HMC knives. Jack will also include a signed a hardback copy of his novel and will do everything he can to make a appearance. The final winner will make a tax deductible donation to the DISC Foundation and all proceeds will go to Jack’s son’s daily care. BIDDING will take place on the NOCKONTV instagram on June 2-4. This podacst also dives into some awesome bowhunting converstations with myself and Jack. We met previously in Lanai, Hawaii where he is a partner in Pineapple Brothers, a hunting operation focused on Axis deer and Mouflon sheep. I hope you enjoy this talk which covers the parallels between hunting animals and the man-hunting done by our special operations forces, old bows, hunting Lanai, raising a child with severe special needs, this unique bow package auction, and my air conditioning unit.  Follow Jack on Instagram and Twitter at JackCarrUSA and visit him on his website at

PC 175- Rockin Out With My Nock Out

PC 175 is a 4 am morning podcast marathon answering nearly 3 hours of your hottest topics. Topics included but aren’t limited to: Arrow weight vs FOC, New Website, Grills for Firemen, helping with pinched nerves in shoulder, shoulder mobility, mental game, upping your coffee game, brass inserts, string loops, stalking tips, impact variance with different releases, arrow selection, kids bows, our new HQ, pin nock pros and cons, my drinking routine, not rushing your shots and lots of other awesome topics I wanted to talk about.

PC 174 Memorial Weekend with Andy Stumpf

PC 174 is an awesome podcast filled with talks about Memorial Day, Archery Maintenance, Backyard Training, Secrets of Hunting Camp, Future Plans and Bathroom Mishaps.

PC 173 Chillin & Grillin’ with Chad Mendes

PC 173 is a super fun podcast taking a trip down memory lane with the UFC great- Chad Mendes. We both talk stories from years past and present including some of our camps shared together.

PC 172 Bustin Chops with Barklow

PC 172 is with a Bowhunting badass John Barlow. He is passionate about Bowhunting and is well seasoned in back country survival and expedition. We talk about a recent adventure we had together and how he has perfected some of my techniques to be a better shot.

PC 171 Archery Bliss

PC 171 is coming from a fresh minded Dudley who has just returned from series of adventures. Im mentally rejuvenated and answer several of your questions relating to arrows, low poundage, holding steady, sight distance, arrow rest choices, optics and much more!

PC 170 2 Hours of Archery Awesome

IN PC 170 Dudley talks about his new bow builds and what he is running on his personal set up. Then gives two hours of topics including Arrow builds, New Arrows Coming Out, Fletching Options, String and Cable replacement, Glue in Points VS Screw In, F.O.C and how it works best for you, Multi Pin Sights, Arrow Rest Set Up, Serving Strings, Aiming at long distances, What release is to use, Speed VS Weight, Spine Indexing on Arrows, Arrow Wrap Overlaps, Tree Stands, Cam Lean and Paper Tune, Cam Slotting and MORE!

PC 169 Talking Archery with Preston Holdren

Preston is a awesome friend that is fairly new to archery but a veteran at finding awesome stuff. He always tells me of the best recipes and bourbons meanwhile I keep helping him along in archery. He has an awesome background and great family that he’s experienced much of the world all while investing in deer management.

PC 168 Healing Archery with Dr Roddy McGee

PC 168 is with Dr Roddy McGee of Total Sports Medicine in Las Vegas. He has changed the lives of myself, my wife and several friends with archery injuries utilizing his cutting edge Stem Cell Procedures. This is a non surgical method of repairing common archery injuries. In addition to his amazing work with stem cell injections, Dr. McGee is an orthopedic surgeon with sub-specialty fellowship training in sports medicine. He specializes in arthroscopic and open treatment of shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle injuries. He also performs joint replacement surgery for arthritis of the shoulder, knee, and hip. If you wonder if you are a candidate for this feel free to call for consultations and cost.

Phone number: 702-475-4390

PC 167 Dropping Archery Bombs with Dr Ulmer

This podcast is with longtime friend Randy Ulmer. We share thoughts and experiences on several of the industries trends and popular products. We both listen and play devils advocate on a number of topics.

PC 166 Strength In Numbers with Ryan Furrer

PC 166 is an important podcast because we talk about one of the most important parts of our outdoor community. The numbers. We cover many monumental topics relating to hunters, our message, the golden gateway, the new faces of hunting, acuity numbers in beginners and what you can do to grow this thing we love so much!

PC 165 Straightening You Out

In this podcast I talk through several questions that have been asked on social media.

PC 164 Kicking Archery A$$ with Kyle Kingsbury

In the podcast I sit down with Kyle Kingsbury who is new to archery but a master at MMA, mind, body and health optimization. He is the host of The Onnit Podcast and we talk about learning archery, applying mind and body and also life changing choices that you can easily make. Follow him on Instagram @kingsbu

PC 163 Shooting with Aron Snyder

PC 163 Aron Snyder is known throughout the industry as one of the foremost experts in backpack hunting, gear and survival. He’s the chief designer at Kifaru International and a heck of a archer. We talk about all kinds stuff relating to shooting recurves and compounds. We also go in depth with arrow builds and broad head designs. 


In this podcast Joe Rogan and DUDLEY sit down and talk about all kinds of archery stuff and new products out that Joe has been curious about!

PC 161Broadheads with Bill

P.C. 161 is with my longtime friend Bill Pelligrino. We dive deep into the subject of broadheads and discuss the pros and cons to designs, trends, practicality in the field and accuracy. Then we talk about fletching choices and what’s the best to hunt with. Bills shop is The Archery Hut in Colorado. Great shop. tel:(719) 638-0554

PC 160 Nock 2 Pork Camp

This podcast is from the dinner table on the final night of an amazing hunt with close friends Andy Stumpf, Tyler Steez and Denny Bruce. We talk about the importance of hunting and what it means to our families and communities.

PC 159 Smooth as Silk with your hinge release

This podcast is dedicated to the hinge release and talking through the importance of learning the difference between it and the other kinds of release aids.

PC 158 Accepting the Exception

This podcast talks about the variations in archery technique and form and how some people can shoot well with less than picture perfect methods. We also dive into topics including mental training, cam swaps, small game hunting, scent control, target vs hunting setups and packing your bows for travel.

PC 157 The Brad of All Brads

This podcast is with special guest and social media sensation Brad Iverson (aka Bradofallbrads) we talk through mental barriers in archery and real life expectancy for a non pro everyday archer.

PC 156 Bucks and Bows

In podcast 156 - what you can do to better your deer herd health, overcoming selective target panic, short draw poundage options, bow grip and hand position, bow choices, budget bows and arrow selection.

PC 155 A Moment of Clarity

PC 155 is about clearing up some confusion on accuracy in regards to releases, bow system torque, strings, arrow selection, used bow presses, hand position and arrow impact.


In this podcast we go in depth on the mechanics and technique to properly shooting a handheld release aid. Specifically we go in detail about the Nock2it and the Silverback and how to train and properly use them.


The ATA stands for Archery Trade Awesome Show. I give a recap about the show and go into long details about your questions from the show. We dive into more topics than I can remember! Enjoy

PC 152 The POWER of YOU !

PC 152- The POWER of YOU !
This podcast was slated to give you new motivation and new ownership to the power only you possess. It also starts out talking about bow grip removal, the ATA show, draw length for beginners and arrow spine in relation to sight pins.

PC 151 Archery Start Up to Break Down

In this podcast I talk though many of the key fundamentals to getting more involved with archery. Everything from learning your own set up/ tuning to how to prep for your first tournament. I also talk about important parts of shoulder recovery and rehab from common shoulder injuries.

PC 150 Becoming a Bowhunting Ninja

This podcast is with Mike Slinkard and we talk about late season hunting and the power of HECS technology. Mike is an amazing hunter and archer. We have been friends a long time and he has had some amazing contributions to the archery industry.


This podcast is dedicated to how release aids work, hand positioning, hand manipulation, what causes you to miss anf what release is best for you.

PC 148 The Map to a Perfect Score

In this podcast i go into detail about microscopic things that archers need to focus on to increase their ability, performance and scoring. It's winter, and now it's the time to iron out all the wrinkles in your archery form. As I work on my own faults I guide you through the things that need to be considered as you get in your reps. I also go in depth with some of your questions posted on social media.

PC 147 Gearing up for indoor season

In this podcast Dudley talks about his first indoor practice session of the year. We discuss setting goals, identifying problems, building stepping stones for progression and much more.

PC 146 A Podcast from the Alps

This is a podcast with two of my buddies Andy Stumpf and Hunter Phelps that battled the elements in the French Alps with me on an unbelievably awesome Chamois hunt with Ovini Expeditions. We talk about the unforgettable experience and our mountain gear.

PC 145 “Nockalicious”

PC 145 “Nockalicious” satisfies your taste buds on a number of subject including- unexplained misses, how to switch over from a wrist strap to a handheld release, silverbacks, why you miss to the right and left when your new to back tension, my drinks of choice, grilling backstraps, how to check nock pinch, youth bows, coughing in the deer stand, my stance on endorsing products, kill cliff mixing recommendations and how I will practice for upcoming hunts.

PC 144 The Nock Van Winkle P.U.I. Podcast Marathon

This podcast is brought to you by the gentlemen who sent in an amazing bottle of Bourbon. I went on a 2.5 hour podcast journey to answer tons of your latest social media questions.This podcast is under the influence of RIP Van Winkle.



In the PC Dudley talks through some of the topics relating to the later part of the whitetail rut. Everyone is worn down mentally and physically but now is the time to take advantage of it!





This podcast is a full discussion on the things I do for whitetail hunting. I cover everything from stand set ups to when to call. We talk about the importance of hunting with low pressure and how to strike fast when the time is right.


Dudley talks about how to film your own Hunts
In this podcast Dud talks with professional videographer Caleb Copeland about how to better film and edit your hunts.

PC 139 Hoyt REDWRX RX-1 Podcast

John Dudley describes the brand new hoyt line up 2018

PC 138 Archery Awesomeness


PC 137 Talking Archery Gear

PC 137 is more of your Q&A's answered. Topics include- Rear Arrow Weight, Fall Away Rest vs Limb Driven Rest, Arrow Inserts, Multi Pin vs Single Pin Sights, How to Build Super ACccurate Indoor Arrows, How to hunt properly with Wind, Starter Bow Set Ups. 

PC 136 Dud Talking Archery Stuff!

PC136- Dud talks for several hours on only the subjects you wanted to hear. He plugs away through over 100 awesome topics.